PARKING + Rideshare Info

Limited on-site parking passes, for parking at Hartwood Acres Park, remain available for the Tier Two purchase price of $35. 

Continuous shuttle service + parking passes from The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills to Hartwood Acres Park are now on sale for advance purchase – $15 PER CAR each day or the day(s) of the festival for $20 PER CAR. SHUTTLE + PARKING IS ONE PRICE, PER CAR. No matter how many people are in the car. The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills is located at 590 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd., Tarentum, PA.

Festival attendees may also use Uber, Lyft, Limo, Taxi, and other Rideshare options. There will be a dedicated Rideshare pick-up and drop-off area at the festival site.

Parking at Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills

Directions from Hartwood Acres to Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills